Discovery of the day: Avgolemono again

I'm actually becoming quite fond of the Greek Lemon/Egg soup (aka Avgolemono) I mentioned a while back. I have a complicated relationship with eggs, and anything that hints of an unusual (to me) usage makes me nervous. So for me to develop a liking for this soup shows that I have grown as a human being, right? OK, maybe not. In any case, it works.

We each have specific dishes that are 'ours' to cook, and this is my SO's. He made it again last night, adding 1/2 cup uncooked quinoa to the stock and cooking it mostly to done before adding the rest of the ingredients. (He remembered to swap the proportions of cumin & turmeric which are obviously wrong in the recipe.) He was going to incorporate some of the ingredients from Mark Bittman's version in 'How To Cook Everything' but we didn't have any carrots. Next time.

The other change I'd like to make eventually is to use home-cooked chickpeas instead of canned. I think the taste of home-cooked would be much better. I'm a big fan of canned beans and all, but in this case I think it would make a difference.

So when we get our final version figured out, I will post it here. In the meantime, it is definitely Project Weeknight-worthy.

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