Discovery of the day: Hey, it's Friday. Cut me some slack. :)

I think I'm pretty much recovered from my cornbread hangover. Last night after work I was lazy and didn't clean any lettuce so for dinner we had lentil soup with baby carrots and snow peas dipped in tahini sauce. I felt the meal was a little light on the vegetation but I managed to eat enough to keep me away from the frosted mini wheats later. I was tempted, believe me.

This weekend will be an interesting experiment. My boyfriend and I are going to the city tomorrow to stay in a super-nice hotel (and eat at a nice restaurant) to celebrate his birthday. Managing lunch, dinner, breakfast, and possibly another lunch away from home will be my first big test. He's supportive of my efforts so I think he'll be happy to go wherever I need to go to get the right food.

Only 3 hours until the work week is over and the Big Birthday Adventure begins!

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