Discovery of the day: Surviving a weekend away

I did it! I went to the Big City for a romantic weekend with my boyfriend and I didn't gain 8 lbs! I know, it would be (practically) physically impossible to gain 8 lbs in less than 24 hours, but ya never know....

I managed to find a reasonable (BAS) option for lunch Saturday. That afternoon I bought some fruit at the farmer's market to take back to hotel room. We had an amazing dinner Sat. night and although I did not deny myself, I did stop eating when I was full. (That's not always a given for me.)

Ate the fruit for breakfast Sun. morning, and after more wandering around town we went to a very upscale vegetarian place for lunch. Took forever (Sunday brunch, trendy neighborhood, you get the idea) but eventually ended up with a very nice BAS w/avocado, grapefruit, and grilled shiitakes. Boyfriend had a really cool winter vegetable hash w/horseradish. Yes, I did eat food from his plate. We're at that point in our relationship so it's ok. :)

Sunday night I was back at home with my standard BAS. And this morning there was little or no movement on the scale -- yay!

I did end up with some intestinal upset Sunday; not surprising, I guess, since I did eat meat and cheese and bread and dessert along with my (small) mixed green salad. But the food was so good it was worth it.

My goal this week is to not get upset this week if I don't lose any more weight. I'm sure my yo-yo dieting over the past few decades is going to make it really hard to get things moving this time, now that the initial chunk is gone. I just gotta hang tough.

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