Discovery of the day: Walking

Ugh. Walking. I need to do more of it and I just plain don't want to. But now that the weather's improving (daytime highs sometimes in the 50s - yay!) I really need to get back to using some of my lunch hour for something other than obsessive grocery shopping or napping in my car.

Yesterday I made myself the promise that if I felt the need to go get coffee (decaf, of course) at the Starbuck's just down the hill, I would walk instead of drive. It's about a 7 min. walk each way. Perfectly doable.

My only outs are if:
  1. I don't feel like getting coffee.

  2. Some combination of rain, cold, or wind.

  3. I have on the wrong shoes.
#3 rarely happens; I wear jeans to work every day so fancy footwear is not something I utilize often. #2 is becoming less prevalent as we head into spring. And as hard as I try, I can't make #1 happen.

Maybe I'm addicted to the soymilk.

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