Discovery of the day: FF veg refried beans are da bomb!

One of my default dinners for my son is Taco Del Mom. That means he gets a cheese quesadilla with beans and cheese and guacamole and lettuce on the side. I get a BAS with beans and guacamole. Only problem is that I've been offering pinto beans when what my son really wants is refried beans.

Thinking that refried beans are really just mashed pintos, I tried to generate some but they just weren't the same as the ones Dad uses. He's right; they're not. I like the canned refritos too, but was trying to avoid the fat, etc. Plus, I'm happy with plain canned pintos. What to do, what to do?

I found the refried bean aisle in the store yesterday (not with the canned beans, as one might think) and was pleased to discover fat-free (or pretty close to) vegetarian refried beans.

Best of all, they taste like the ones my son is used to and I can have them too. Yay!

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