Discovery of the day: Gotta rethink the falafel

I pulled the remaining falafel out of the freezer last night. I'd decided to thaw them out and fry them, since baking provided underwhelming results. I was willing to take the calories from oil to get that brown, crunchy goodness.

Well, I got the calories from the oil....

The first side browned up nicely. When I flipped them puppies over, however, all hell broke loose. The oil started foaming, for lack of a better word, and the falafel started disintegrating into piles of crumbly gunk. I managed to save a few, but they barely held together long enough to cram into the pita. Definitely not the deep-fried nirvana I'd hoped for.

Methinks I need to find another recipe. Or find a good local source for falafel. Now that I think about it, I vote for the latter option.

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