Discovery of the day: I eat a lot of salad

I was reading through my earlier posts and realized that I misspoke early on. I eat about a head of romaine per day, not half a head.

That's a lot of lettuce. And a lot of water, because I buy whole heads and wash the crap out of them -- literally and figuratively -- during prep. I fill the salad spinner with water, add some veggie wash stuff, throw in a chopped head of romaine, soak, drain, then refill and swish to rinse. That's two full spinner-bowls full of water per head, so we're talking a couple of gallons per prep session.

I considered trying to save some of the water for my houseplants, but I don't have many houseplants and most of them are succulents. If I can come up with a storage solution, I could save the water in the summer to water my outside flowerbeds. But it's rainy season now.

I do feel kind of guilty, rinsing all that stuff down the drain. But not guilty enough to stop. People do get E. Coli from produce -- better safe than sorry, y'know?

p.s. After reading this article, I probably should start rinsing before chopping.

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