Discovery of the day: Sweetest hangover

Today was my first complete fall off the flexitarian wagon. I did it intentionally, though, so it was more of a leap than a fall.

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch at a BBQ place. I thought about it ahead of time and decided I'd try to do a salad if I could, but I was definitely gettin' me some pulled pork. And I kept having improper thoughts about cornbread.

Ended up having a BBQ Salad; pulled pork on a plate of lettuce (romaine & iceberg?) with spicy BBQ sauce on the side. But then I went and did it: I ordered the Corn Cake. The salad was OK, but the cornbread was like eating, well, corn cake! It was yummy.

Got back to work feeling a little over-full; nothing scary. But I am feeling decidedly un-well as the afternoon is wearing on. I think I am already having a carb hangover.

Insult to injury, we just celebrated the birthday of a coworker which of course means CAKE. It was a dense little chocolate number from the local fancy-pants grocery. I took just the barest sliver (bad luck not to, you know) and it was plenty.

Blech. I need a nap.

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