Discovery of the day: Walking doesn't suck... much

Today is the first day I needed supplemental decaf badly enough to walk for it. It took about 7-8 mins. each way. The sun was out and it was probably over 50 deg. so I could almost say it was pleasant. Good thing I went early in the day because now it's completely overcast and raining.

(I did get get a grande instead of a tall, though; I wanted to be sure it was worth the effort.)

My boyfriend's coming home from a business trip later this eve (yay!) so I'll just pick up a Papa Murphy's thin crust delite pizza for my son and I'll have my default BAS. Easy-peasy.

Tomorrow night we're all going to a friend's house for dinner. I hate to make special requests, so I'm going to be sure to eat something ahead of time so I'm not starving and just wing it. They're... healthy eaters (in the 'clean your plate club' sense) so whatever is served, I'll bet it's gonna be ample and tasty!

I'll let you know how it all works out.

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