Discovery of the day: Flagging enthusiasm alert!

I knew this was going to rear its ugly head eventually, but I was hoping it would wait until I lost another 5 lbs or so.

I fear I'm "losin' my religion." Sometime over the weekend it started getting... difficult to stay on track.

Friday night was OK. I got a thin crust cheese pizza for my son and I ate my BAS before starting in on it. Saturday evening was tough. The three of us went out for Thai food since our dinner date w/friends was postponed. I thought I'd eat a BAS before going but blew it off. I did order a vegetarian Thai salad of some sort, and while tasty, there wasn't much of it. I ended up eating a good amount Pad Thai and some of the (delicious) garlic pork. And I succumbed to the sticky rice w/Thai custard for dessert, although we split one order between the three of us so that wasn't as damaging as it could have been.

Sunday morning I felt compelled to offer the guys something other than fruit salad or oatmeal, so I pulled out a box of buckwheat pancake mix I'd bought during my last "whole grain" phase. Being whole grain, the batter got thicker by the minute and the pancakes came out almost like pieces of bread. Tasty enough, but heavy! Next time I'll have to add a lot more liquid than the recipe called for. Anyway, I did eat my fruit salad first but ended up snarfing down one of the loaves pancakes, with the syrup and butter of course. Lunch was OK, but I got the munchies in the afternoon and ended up snacking (mostly fruit) most of the day. By dinnertime I was at a complete loss. I didn't want to cook another stir-fry or another bean-and-tomato-stew thing, so I made up the bag of 15 bean soup that had been sitting around in the cupboard for awhile. And bean soup simply cries out for cornbread.

The cornbread came out great (sigh), but the bean soup was... adequate. I didn't want to use the enclosed "ham flav-r" packet so I had to wing the seasoning. Winging it is not one of my gifts. Notice the conspicuous lack of vegetation on the menu.

Today the scale showed me up 3 lbs. Discouraging, although I'm sure I can flush that out fairly quickly.

This morning, the fruit salad got on my nerves. My BAS at lunch got on my nerves. For some reason I was irritated by my standard beans and lettuce, although I will be doing the same for dinner since my son is eating dinner at his dad's. Good thing, too, or I would be at a complete loss as to what to feed him. And since it was cold, windy, and wet, I didn't walk to get my afternoon coffee -- I stopped and got it on my way back from lunch. I feel like I cheated and that gets on my nerves.

Insult to injury, all of a sudden I can't get decent romaine at my usual store.

I'm hoping I can catch the fire again real soon, like, by tomorrow. This is where I could easily fall and not be able to get back up.

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