Discovery of the day: Mid-March madness

Ah, the Ides! On Sunday I made mini-meatcakes (aka meat cupcakes, aka private meatloaves) using Mark Bittman's recipe and piped the instant mashed potatoes on top. The meal was completed by "beef" gravy from a jar, some roasted baby carrots, and iceberg quarters with bottled ranch dressing.

I know the roasted carrots was a cheat but I couldn't face frozen mixed veggies, even heated up. All in all, it was pretty darned tasty. I did learn that hot, gummy instant mashed potatoes do not pipe well. And as a former recovering grocery store cake decorator, I've piped a lot of cupcakes in my time, so that's saying something.

Let's just say that between the popcorn and M&Ms we bought at the movies Sat. afternoon and the Ides, I didn't have the most ass-friendly weekend. Did I mention the coconut brown rice pudding I made for dessert Sunday? The scale was not my friend this morning although the change could have been much worse.

And tonight is St. Pat's Day, which cries for potatoes and cabbage and soda bread, oh my! I'm not doing corned beef, but the 1% Irish in my DNA demands the rest.

I suppose between that and the fact that it's PMS week again, I won't be making much progress this week either. But at least I can try to minimize the damage.

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