Discovery of the day: The bacchanalia continues

In accordance with my scant Irish heritage, I did produce a fine potato, leek, and cabbage soup (with just a little bacon) and a lovely bit of Irish soda bread for St. Pat's Day dinner. And I ate lots. Nary a leaf of romaine in sight. Not even iceberg! Burp.

To add to the general chaos, yesterday my ex gave me a beautiful fresh torture device known as a Danish almond kringle from a recent trip back to the heartland. I didn't even get it all the way home before ripping off a chunk. While driving. That's soul food, baby. Of course I had to have more for dessert because that stuff just doesn't keep, you know. Burp.

But on the up side, I did go out for a walk at lunch time. I was at the apex -- the farthest possible point from the office -- when it started to drizzle. Sigh... no good deed goes unpunished, I suppose. I'm just glad it didn't start pouring rain before I got back. Chilly and damp, sure, but it was still a good 45 min. walk. I'll take it.

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