Discovery of the day: Kringle Management

If you do ever manage to find yourself in possession of a Danish kringle, take my advice: Eat it as quickly as you can in as few days as possible. I heard once (true or not, I don't care) that one's body can only absorb so many calories a day; the rest are passed right through. So eating, say, 10,000 calories of kringle in one day is much better for one's ass than eating 1000 calories/day for 10 days.

So go for it! But note that this trick only works for the occasional splurge once in awhile. And that doesn't mean "only" once a week.

My ex father-in-law passed away today after a long illness. I'll be flying back to the heartland this weekend for the funeral. I can guarantee that there will be kringle. And Infusino's thin-crust pizza. One thing the ex's family does to perfection is a great midwestern family feed.

Wish me luck.

p.s. After I killed the last sliver of kringle this eve and was wadding up the wrapper to toss, I discovered the nutritional label. An entire almond kringle contains less than 3000 calories. What a bargain, eh? My boyfriend, son, and I ate it in just over 48 hours. Burp!

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