Discovery of the day: Bananas are banana-riffic!

After posting yesterday's somewhat excessive monologue about my bp, I just so happened to read an article talking about that very thing. Fancy that! I'm too lazy to go find it again and quote proper sources, but the upshot is that apparently it's not just sodium that affects salt-sensitive hypertension; rather, it's the sodium/potassium balance. And if one's sodium levels were high, one might effect a change by upping one's potassium level. And one might do that by, say, eating bananas! And what do I eat at least one of every day? Bananas!

So I think I have figured out a possible explanation for A) my hypertension and B) its apparent demise.

To be fair, lots of FFV (fresh fruits & veggies) have lots of potassium. And since I ate hardly any FFV before my conversion to flexitarianism (sad, but true) and I eat practically nothing else now, I think it's a very plausible scenario.

But you know what? I don't care. My hypertension seems to no longer be an issue. I am a happy gal.

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