Discovery of the day: I can resist! It's not futile!

Today's good news is that I did walk down to get coffee this afternoon, even though it was completely overcast and chilly. The bad news is that a package of devil treats -- a 2-pack of Starbuck's dark chocolate-covered graham crackers -- leaped into my hand. But the other good news is that they've been sitting unopened on my desk for oven an hour. And I'm down to the last 40 minutes left of my workday.

I called my boyfriend on the walk back to rat myself out and promise him one, automatically limiting myself to eating one at the most. Then, when I got back to my desk, I peeled and ate the pink grapefruit I brought for my afternoon snack.

You'll be surprised to hear that a big-ass pink grapefruit and a tall decaf with soymilk in one's stomach cuts the craving for dark chocolate graham crackers by quite a bit.

So the devil treats will go back into my purse, to be shared with my boyfriend later this evening.

Happy Friday!

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