Discovery of the day: How to survive travel

I'm heading out tomorrow to the heartland, and I'm trying to devise a strategy that will allow me to not lose any ground while in the comfort food center of the universe.

I'll take fruit (apples, bananas) in my carry-on for snackage. Maybe some edamame. I might take a salad in a disposable container for lunch on Saturday since we'll be at the airport. We'll be eating dinner en route so all I can do there is minimize the damage.

I'll try to get past the complimentary biscuits & gravy at the hotel Sunday morning and instead hit the grocery store to get more fruit, or maybe even score a prepped fruit salad. I don't think the hotel room will have a fridge so that rules out stocking up on BAS fixins. I'll be with the family Sunday and Monday so I'm doubtful I'll be able to stick to BAS for lunch.

I'm already scheduled to have Easter dinner with the family and I'm sure there will be a big feed after the funeral on Monday. I'll just go with it. I can't be there and not get me some of that comfort food, you know. And my son & I fly home Tuesday morning.

So even though I might not get as much greenery as I'd like, I should be able to get home before I backslide too far. Hopefully Tuesday night I'll have a positive report.

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