Discovery of the day: Give me a minute, wouldya?

My attitude seems to be back on track even though there has been no further weight loss. I just keep reminding myself that losing 10 lbs in 2 months is acceptable. And it is just two months, as of this week.

Family dinners continue to be a thorn in my side, but I just have to keep hacking away until I get it figured out. I bought some tempeh last week. I want to experiment with it but I probably ought to test drive it on my boyfriend before I subject my son to it. Maybe this weekend.

I could'a/should'a gone walking at lunch but I wimped out because the sun wasn't out, it was chilly, and I'd been chilly all day. Instead, I parked at one end of the strip mall and walked all the way to the other end to get coffee. Hey, it's a start. I'm hoping that once warmer weather settles in I'll be able to establish a habit that will carry me through next winter.

Tonight is "gotta get the kid a haircut" night, so we'll hit the strip mall haircut factory then go to Taco Del Mar after. No cooking. Yay!

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