Discovery of the day: I heart sushi

In honor of our first year together, my boyfriend and I drove to the coast for a lovely, albeit chilly, walk in the sun, followed by dinner at a really good Japanese restaurant.

Nary a BAS on the menu, but we did have side salads and an order of edamame (OK, and an order of gyoza -- love them!) before diving into a bunch of sushi.

It was well worth the calories. We even had dessert -- tempura-fried banana with ice cream and caramel sauce!


Yeah, the dessert was a little much, even though we split one. I was burping up bananas, wasabi, and sake all the way home. Oh, I forgot to mention the sake? Well, we were celebrating. And we only got a "small", which yielded two little cups apiece.

I did OK the rest of the weekend and was rewarded (taunted?) with a 1/2 lb drop this morning although I don't really expect it to stick.

Now that I'm at the 8.5 lb point, I have a feeling that it's going to be very slow going from this point forward. Unless I start to exercise. Grrr.

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