Discovery of the day: Cold cereal case

About that cold cereal thing... I don't eat it often, but the few times I've tried, I've discovered that I can't quite handle it with one of the alt.milks (rice, soy).

Oh, sure, I can rationalize it; I've been eating cold cereal with cow's milk for over 45 years. No wonder I can't quite make my peace with the unfamiliar taste and texture, right? But understanding it doesn't solve my problem.

Like I said, I get around it mostly by just not eating it. Which is fine, since grains, even whole ones, are not something I allow myself unlimited access to on a daily basis anyway. But you know? Sometimes there's nothing like a big bowl of shredded wheat... yeah, cold cereal is a comfort food for me. I miss it.

I've been toying around with different possible solutions, and I've finally decided that keeping some 1% on hand for those special occasions ain't going to kill me. If I could find some of those little juice-box-type cartons of the shelf-stable UHT milk, that would be perfect.

Funny thing is that I can handle oatmeal with alt.milk, no problem. Go figure.

(Damn! Now I can't stop thinking about shredded wheat....)

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