Discovery of the day: The meaty bits

I was talking to my sister awhile back about the difference between vegetarianism/veganism and what I'm doing, flexitarianism, which to me means consuming less than 10% of my calories from animal protein. (I totally stole that term from somewhere -- can't remember where -- sorry!)

My rules are pretty simple, based mostly on the Eat to Livebook with a few modifications, mostly around how I consume my animal protein.
  • I eat meat when I'm eating out or at someone's house. When I'm eating out, I try to make sure it's worth it!
  • I use chicken stock in my soups. I don't like the way vegetable stock tastes.
  • I occasionally use bacon and sausage for seasoning, although I've been known to eat a strip or two if it's under my nose. I have a red beans & rice recipe I've made for years. The original calls for a lb of sausage -- now I use 1 link, maybe 4 oz at most, and I double the beans. Tastes marvelous!
  • OK, sometimes I eat cheese, even though it's nutritionally pretty much equivalent to butter. I just try to keep that in mind.
  • And I do use butter once in a while, although not often. Only when it makes a difference.

I do have a hearty disdain for fat-free dairy so I eat what I like, only rarely. I figure it all works out.

Otherwise, I stick pretty close to the pyramid. Speaking of the pyramid, I thought I'd posted it here early on but it looks like I forgot so I'll post it in the sidebar.

And there you have it; my version, anyway. I have some issues surrounding pasta and cold cereal but I'll save those for another day.

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