Discovery of the day: Nothing new under the sun

As in: I learned nothing new this weekend and the sun finally came out. Ha! I'm so clever.

OK, I'm not being 100% honest here. I did try a new recipe on Sunday, Sushi Bowls, and unfortunately we were fairly underwhelmed. It seemed like such a good idea at the time! I mean, look at this ingredients list: brown rice, avocado, fried tofu, nori, toasted sesame seeds... what's not to love? But for some reason we just kinda felt bleh about it.

I think the orange-lemon dressing was too sweet for me, and the large amount of zest was a little off-putting. I don't know why. I added edamame beans and that was fun. I was rushed and didn't read the tofu prep all the way and winged it, with my usual lackluster results. I need to find the recipe I made recently with baked tofu and prep it that way -- that came out really well.

I think if I can find a more savory dressing and do the tofu right it holds great promise.

In other news, I've been fixated on the concept of 'cook-through' blogs, where someone picks a cookbook and blogs about working their way through it. I read the Julie/Julia book awhile back and have recently fallen in love with Carol B's French Laundry at Home blog/project even though probably less than 1% of the recipes work on my flexitarian plan.

I know myself well enough to realize that this is just the kind of nerdy project thing I would get caught up in then abandon halfway through. But I am daydreaming of just picking a vegetarian cookbook or whole-grain baking book and going for it. Worst case, I'll find a few keeper recipes and generate a few blog posts in the process. Stay tuned for more on that. Maybe.

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