Discovery of the day: Climbing back in the saddle

The trip Back East with dinners out every night and visiting with friends, etc. took a smaller-than-expected toll on my progress, which made me happy. However, for some strange reason, the rest of last week (after we got home) was worse. And this weekend was pretty much a disaster.

OK, maybe not the whole weekend, but I'm hoping that the Thai food we had for lunch Sunday was particularly laden with MSG, etc. because I did not like the number I saw on the scale this morning one little bit.

After that scare, I'm ready to get back to work. Yesterday I cooked up a big batch of brown rice (in the oven!) to freeze for the week. Today at lunch I hit the grocery store to re-stock the rest of my go-to ingredients. I cooked up a bag of edamame and packed my lunch last night. I'm hoping that's enough to get me back on track.

Fingers crossed....

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