Discovery of the day: The results are in!

My boyfriend got his cholesterol screening results today. Not only has he lost nearly 25 lbs over the past 6 months, but his total cholesterol dropped 100+ points since Feb! Full disclosure: his doc did put him on statins in Feb. because his numbers were not so good. But the doc also said that if the numbers came down enough, he might be able to wean off the statins. I'm guessing that's what'll happen. Yay!

It was so warm yesterday -- over 70 deg! -- that I switched to sandwich mode. We had cheddar, tomato, and sprout sandwiches (yes, with mayo) on whole wheat pitas with baby carrots and marinated cuke slices on the side. Man, that was some good stuff. We probably had less than 2 oz of cheese each so I'm counting it as not too bad. Next time I may cut it back a little more on the cheese and spread the mayo a little thinner.

Tonight the temps are cooler :( so I think I'll try the Skillet Gardener's Pie from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. Not sure how well it will be received by my son, but he's young. He'll get over it. Hopefully I'll have a rave review tomorrow.

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