Discovery of the day: Magazine rack full of issues

I managed to escape the popcorn bomb Friday -- my son was full enough from dinner to pass on the snacks at the theater. That, to me, is amazing. I swear, when I was his age, I'd've taken the popcorn in a heartbeat, even if I was full-to-bursting.

Gee, any food issues here, ya think?

That's something that amazes me about my kids, both my son and my daughter (can't remember if I've mentioned her -- she just turned 25). These kids won't eat treats just because they're treats. In contrast, I don't remember ever knowingly turning down candy or dessert (excepting licorice -- ick!) even if I had just eaten Thanksgiving dinner. Hmm...

That contrast in behaviors makes me think a little harder about my relationship to food and why I've been on the weight rollercoaster for my entire adult life. And why food is my go-to drug of choice when things don't go well. Can't say as I understand it, but the fact the my kids might not inherit my tendency in that regard makes me happy.

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