Discovery of the day: Another Flagging Enthusiasm Alert

Not sure if it's because I'm tired (for no good reason) or because I haven't run this week or what, but I just am plain out of mental energy today. And mental energy is what I rely on to keep me straight. It's a good thing that my pig-out options here at work are limited.

Tonight we're taking my son to the movies. Getting through the movies without the Big Bucket O' Colon Blow (Now with more oily discharge!) is going to be impossible. I just have to be careful -- I have running class in the morning. Yikes! Yeah, movie popcorn hits me kinda hard, IYKWIM.

We'll grab fast food for dinner and hopefully make it to the 6:40 showing. If I can get the guys to go for TDM, that should give me a good enough base to keep me from hurting myself.

I hope.

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