Discovery of the day: Crusty bottoms rule

The Colcannon came out very well last night. Next time, after I pack it all into the skillet I'll lower the heat and let the bottom caramelize much linger. I was afraid it might burn so I didn't let it go as long as it could have. Still, even the hint of fried potatoes was enough to make me very, very happy.

While cooking the Colcannon I popped a chunk of boiled potato in my mouth to test for doneness (isn't that how everyone does it?) and promptly burned the shit out of the roof of my mouth, huge blister and all. The skin came off this morning and now I'm trying to eat my lunch without wincing. Sorry, that's gross. But ouch!

Tasty as dinner was, overall I did not get a gold star yesterday for my food choices. Pizza and cake for lunch, potatoes and bacon for dinner. The kale did help a little, but not as much as a BAS would have.

Here's a bit of bittersweet news: It appears that Starbuck's no longer carries their chocolate-covered graham crackers. I'm sad, 'cause I loved them, but not having them available will save me some hundreds of calories over the next year.

(Hey! Bittersweet... chocolate-covered... I made a pun! But I'm only laughing on the outside....)

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